Active Spies

The Satellite Spies have been in the studio working on the next album, and with a talented bunch of recruits like this I think we can expect some major sonic brilliance.

Deane Sutherland - 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Kazuo Yairi ‘Alvarez’ Cedar Wood 12-string acoustic guitar. Hughes & Kettner Trilogy Tri-amp with Quad. MK I Mesa-Boogie combo amp/speaker. 70’s Shure USA SM58 microphones.
Keith Moyle - Gibson 355 1975 & semi-acoustic guitar. Gibson SG guitar. 1980’s Jazz Chorus Combo Amp/speaker.
Mike Hall - 5-string Musicman Bass. 4-String Fender Jazz Bass. SWR Amp. Multi 8-Speaker Cab.
Adam Kane - Remo Quadura 8-piece drum kit & Paiste cymbals.